Asset Management

Asset Management / Valuation

Asset management is an important part of the real estate value chain and only benefits from complementary development of property management.

Upstream, it allows us to define the strategic objectives specific to each owner and each building, based on the financial culture of our team.

These objectives are expressed in the form of operational performance criteria, co-constructed by the teams according to the institutional standards of our investor clients.

Downstream, the asset management tools confront us with the objective financial reality of the team’s work, in order to prioritize our actions.

This 360° view of assets, made possible by our dual asset/property expertise, guarantees our flexibility in anticipating and seizing value-creation opportunities :

  • commercial value: leasing or lease renewals, dynamic monitoring of collection, block arbitration or sale by lots,
  • technical value: light renovation or heavy restoration, energy performance, elevation, transformation,
  • administrative value: filing of urban planning authorizations, contracting of building guards, management of litigation,
  • financial: annual declarations, assistance with bank financing, legal and tax structuring of investments.

Throughout the process of analysis, execution and reporting, we attach particular importance to the following three stakes:

  • That common sense prevails in the definition of objectives and the implementation of valuation strategies,
  • That the asset and property management teams work hand in hand,
  • That this dual competence is a source of learning and development for our teams, encouraging their accountability and stability.



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