Property Management

Property Management


Oiko integrates all property management missions, covering the complete real estate management cycle in-house:

  • Basic services: rental, administrative, litigation and technical management / institutional property accounting.
  • Complementary services: marketing (rental / sale), delegated project management, contracting and HR for building guards, EHS monitoring and carbon optimization of buildings.

This organization allows us to present a single contact for our investor clients, centralizing the actions of each department, for greater responsiveness and efficiency in our recommendations.

It is also a determining factor in the quality and stability of our team, enriched by these cross-disciplinary skills and empowered by this overall vision.


In order to allocate as much of our time as possible to concrete management actions, in direct contact with both buildings and tenants, we have chosen to implement “active” reporting.

Our dashboard and reporting platform has been designed to monitor building performance, by following the same indicators as our investor clients.

Accessible remotely and secure, it considerably reduces back-and-forths with our principals so that we can collectively focus on the levers of real estate development.


From a blank slate in 2017, we were able to quickly sense the market shift towards digitalization and dematerialization, favored by the development of the Proptech ecosystem.

As a result, we offer tenants a 100% digital pathway: multi-posting of ads, online appointment scheduling, virtual visits, validation of files and electronic signatures.

Similarly, all departments have dematerialized their processes: call processing, maintenance ticketing, work monitoring, and rent collection.

Finally, this digital experience is shared with our community of residents via a mobile application offering them electronic safes, animation and local concierge services.