Oiko tools

Our approach

Since its creation, oiko has wanted to rethink the management professions in order to reduce administrative tasks and to be able to concentrate on actions with greater added value. This necessarily involves digitalization by providing innovative services to our customers and partners.
The entire customer journey has been designed to make our interactions more fluid and to enable us to respond to the needs of tenants, landlords and suppliers.
Our partnerships with recognized and innovative companies in the field of Proptech have enabled us to set up numerous tools:

Multicasting of online rental ads via UBIFLOW

Online booking of appointments and filing of applications for apartment visits

Creation of more attractive virtual tours generating more visibility

Legal, simple and secure electronic signature solution for leases

Inventory of fixtures made directly from a tablet or a Smartphone

Client space and application dedicated to the life of the building

As a result, from the search for properties to rent to daily life in the buildings, our residents have a more convenient experience.
We believe in providing services in the buildings: connected lockers, shared cars, negotiated insurance rates, home cleaning, childcare or any other service that can improve the well-being of our residents.
All these advantages are accessible from the Oiko application, which centralizes personal documents (due notices, receipts, leases, etc.), allows you to contact your manager via instant messaging, report an incident, and many other features.

Our customer service is also made more efficient by digital tools:

1. All our calls are monitored via AIRCALL, an innovative solution that allows us to better manage call flows and respond to requests.

2. When we get a report of an incident on an apartment or in common areas, we use the INCH platform so that our suppliers and tenants automatically receive e-mail and text message confirmations of requests for quotes and/or interventions, and then updates on their processing status.

We manage our assets using the QLIKSENSE tool. This platform provides an instant and clear view of all performance indicators.
Qlik enables automatic reporting for a better visibility of the assets, thus facilitating our asset valuation strategy.